It's always been a passion of mine to help people see themselves in their best light. I started as a makeup artist and I really enjoy transforming the way people look and feel. There's nothing I enjoy doing more than seeing a client walk out looking their best and feeling more confident. But I thought, what ashamed it was to put so much time and effort into looking good just to see it all go away at the end of the day. So I've complimented my makeup artistry with photography to immortalize the moments we create and cherish most. Luckily, I was able to convince my husband to join this new venture and together we launched Angelathao photography. So, when you call me at 209.751.9052 and hear a man’s voice, don’t hang up! I might not be available at the moment but my husband, Zai, can certainly answer any question you have. 


It's that feeling when you hold something so beautiful and you never want to let go. My kids give me the best feeling in the world, maybe except for the time when they cry for no reason, play and throw all the food on the floor and just want to be a pain in the butt. But as a mother, I sometimes wish I could just keep them this small forever. Ayden and Chloe are at the age where they are just so adorable, and we knew from the moment our eldest son was born that we wanted to document the beginning of our family life together. So we bought our first camera in 2013 and started to photograph this new chapter of our lives. They grow up so fast and we know that eventually they will leave the nest. Sad to think about, but at least we will have their best moments in print to treasure for a lifetime, and that's what Angelathao Photography wants to give you. Our job is to turn an instant into a timeless photo; it is to capture a moment in time from an angle you might have missed; it is to give you the gift of revisiting your life in color when you become old. Weddings have a special place in our heart, but we believe everyday can be beautiful, and we want to be here for you whether you want us for lifestyle, travel, portrait ... we're just a click away.


We've never planned to become photographers. It just happened. Look through our website, check out our Facebook and Instagram photographs and if our style resonates with you and you like the quality of our images don't hesitate to contact us. Capture it once, live it a lifetime. 



- Lead Photographer & Makeup Artist

- Born in Thailand, currently lives in Sacramento, CA

- Wife to Cinematographer Zai Vang


Cinematographer | Photographer -

Born in France, currently lives in Sacramento, CA -

Husband to Photographer Angela Thao -


AngelaThao Photography is based in Sacramento, CA but we are always excited to travel worldwide to photograph you and the unique places your world offers. Besides, we like taking vacation.

Monte Solaro Chairlift, Capri, IT 2017

209.751.9052 | angelathaophotography@gmail.com